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Improving high frequency trading. That´s what  we do.

We are going to lead global provider of high frequency finantial services and products, opening a new perspective in the markets.

We know high speed and low latency is important.

Qualified team with a 10 years experience in financial markets, quantitative trading and computer science contributing their talents every day to make our best for our clientes.

What We Do?

Invvex is a proprietary trading firm with locations across North America and Latim America. Powered by high speed and low latency solutions guided by mathematics and statistics, we trade our own money, at our own risk for our own reward.

We have focus in two large markets: futures and equities across the Americas. Working in two markets every day



mini contracts filled per day

R$5.39 bi

volume per day

Risk Management at the Center

More than profit in the market, we need to control eventual losses in the most professional way. That is why we have a team specialized in risk management, where we believe that our success comes from the ability to mitigate high risks and manage positions properly.

ACAMS - Photography - Risk Management -


Specialized technical team


Division of assets by risk groups


Real-time monitoring of simultaneous positions in different markets


What we trade?

We operate in the high frequency market in the main markets of the world, specializing in future markets inside the Americas.

Brasil - Equities

Brasil - Index Futures

USA - Index Futures


Trusted high speed trading provider to institutional counterparties

Do you need high speed trading solutions for your hedge fund or private bank solutions?


Sala de servidores


We work with our infrastructure inside the main world exchanges datacenters. We have direct connection to the trading system and multicast market data.

Market Data

We extract the raw market data directly from the UMDF multicast of the world exchanges using extremely fast connection protocols, guaranteeing the maximum speed and accuracy of the information, extremely necessary for high frequency environments.

24/7 Team

Promptly specialized to meet the needs of our customers in our co-location environments. Allowing to maintain a high uptime standard.


We are focused on capturing opportunities in world markets every day. Ready to locate and execute automated strategies with microseconds of latency in a state-of-the-art institutional infrastructure provided by the best companies in the world.


We work with the brightest minds, and you can be one of them

We believe that the secret to success is opening opportunities for all


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